Go for the Gold—Keep Your Business on Track with Invoice Financing

Author: Caron Beesley | August 5, 2016

If you’re dealing with business cash flow problems, you may have heard of the benefits of invoice financing. Invoice financing gives you instant access to the cash you’re owed by advancing payments on any outstanding bills that your customers have yet to pay.

Financing your invoices and getting access to the cash you’re already owed, for a nominal fee, is a smart move that allows you to focus on game day and the task of keeping your business on track: something we all know is downright impossible when you’re in a cash flow pickle.

Since we’re in the midst of the summer’s greatest sporting event—the Olympics Games—here are four reasons that embracing invoice financing to mitigate cash flow issues reflects an Olympian mindset and helps you focus on going for business gold:

  1. Being Open to a Cash Flow Remedy Reflects Positive Realism

Not every situation you encounter in business will be a positive one. You’ll always encounter clients who don’t pay on time, unexpected expenses, or a dip in sales. Like Olympic athletes, try to make the best of a difficult circumstance: whether, in the case of athlete’s, a nagging muscle ache, or, in your case, a cash flow problem. Don’t sweep it under the carpet, pay attention to the signs, and be positive about your business, but also be realistic about when it might be time to seek help with your cash flow.

  1. When Adversity Strikes, You’re Ready to Handle It Promptly

Seeking help for your cash flow problems demonstrates an Olympic ability to handle adversity. When faced with pressure, competition, or a hurdle, Olympic athletes don’t give in. They know it’s tough, but they view setbacks as an opportunity for learning. Similarly, if you’re faced with a cash flow crisis, understanding your options and taking action reflects business maturity.

The great thing about invoice financing, particularly from Fundbox, is that you can finance as many or as few invoices as you need. You aren’t locked in and you can just use the service when you need it. Whenever you feel the pinch, the option is there. You’ll get a dashboard view of all your current invoices, and with one click, you can select which ones you want to finance. The funds are delivered as early as the next day.

  1. It Gives You Room to Focus on the Big Picture

There’s no greater prize than Olympic gold, and it’s something athletes train years to achieve, always with the big picture in mind. The same is true of successful businesses. They aren’t just getting by; they’re thinking about keeping their dream alive and successfully achieving it. Keeping an eye on your financials and predicting, managing, and solving cash flow problems is the mark of an Olympian business owner. Solutions like invoice financing will give you the latitude to keep your eye on your big picture goals and get to gold quicker.

  1. It’s Shows an Open-Minded Approach

Olympians are constantly learning from their failures. It shows an open-mindedness to change how they’ve done things in the past, try a new approach, or test out new ideas. The same goes for business. If you’ve been struggling with cash flow, don’t be afraid to try a new approach, like invoice financing, to help to help you through a blip in accounts receivables.

How Invoice Financing Works

If you’re looking to control your cash flow without the level of exposure or risk that invoice factoring can bring about, invoice financing is worth a look. Here’s a quick overview of how invoice financing works.

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