The Next Chapter

Author: Eyal Shinar | March 19, 2015

Technology can do amazing things to reshape our perspective, our expectations, and the way we live our lives. When my co-founders and I started Fundbox almost three years ago, we asked, why can’t technology reshape how we solve the #1 pain point for small business owners: cash flow. The answer was simple: we can.

Over the last three years, the notion “we can” has turned into “we are.” In fact, since our official launch tens of thousands of businesses have connected to the Fundbox platform and Fundbox is advancing thousands of invoices weekly. We are helping small businesses eliminate cash flow gaps and manage the most critical aspect of their business, the timing of the money flowing in and out.

Today, we are taking the next step in our journey. We’ve announced a series B round of fundraising to continue our mission of reshaping how small business owners think about and manage cash flow. We’ll be using the money for:

  • Scaling the Operation – Our philosophy is to put the customer at the center of what we do. I’m incredibly proud of the work our team has done thus far, but we want to continue to provide the best user experience and support we can. This will require us to scale up our operations in line with our growth ensuring that we never miss a beat for our customers. If you’re interested in seeing what our customers say about us today, feel free to read our reviews on Intuit’s App Center or
  • Product Development and Innovation – Our technology is already reshaping how business owners manage and optimize cash flow, but there’s a lot more we can do. We’ll be investing in product development and innovation, so we can move even quicker to provide solutions that solve real world problems for our small business customers. Of course, anything we develop will be easy to use, fair and transparent, and offer a great user experience. If you have things you’d like to see in the product, you can always email us your suggestions at
  • Our Team – We have an amazing team. Outside of our customers, they are our most important asset, and we’ll be looking for more smart, creative, and passionate individuals to join us. On that note, we’re hiring. If you’re interested in joining the team, email us at

It’s an exciting day at Fundbox. It’s the start of a new chapter for us and we’d like to thank all of our partners and customers who have made it possible for us to get this far. We’re inspired every day by the work we’re doing to fix the small business economy and reshape the B2B payments space.

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