Fundbox on NPR: Helping Small Businesses Through Loans

Author: Fundbox Team | September 6, 2017

KQED (a NPR-member radio station) recently featured Fundbox customer Tina Paclebar in its profile on alternative loans for small businesses.

The KQED Fintech Loans series captures the challenges faced by business owners who seek financial resources to grow their business. Many small business loan applications are declined by traditional funding sources because the business owner’s personal credit does not meet a minimum threshold. As a result, businesses struggle to make investments that could take their success to the next level.

Likewise, small businesses can also be the targets of aggressive sales tactics, or hidden fees that significantly inflate the total cost of borrowing.

Tina’s story: “Big banks have not worked for us”

Tina had a small blemish on her personal credit that caused big banks to reject her applications for business funding. “Big banks have not worked for us” said Tina, owner of RevEx Inc., a logistics company based in Hayward, CA. That’s why she turned to Fundbox for help.

In contrast to major banks, Fundbox doesn’t rely on personal credit scores when making lending decisions. That opens the online lender to work with entrepreneurs who may have lower personal credit scores but growing businesses. Fundbox head of marketing, Greg Powell, explains, “That’s why what we’re doing is, I think, so important. We are really looking at the health of the business and not the individual.”

Jane Nacelli (left) and Tina Paclebar stand with their daughter Kameron, 8, and dog Waffle at their company’s offices in Hayward. “They were willing to give us money and we needed it at the time,” said Paclebar of online lender Fundbox. “Sometimes you just have to take a chance.” (Image via Farida Jhabvala Romero/KQED)


Over time Fundbox was able to approve Tina for $22,500 in credit by looking at RevEx’s business fundamentals (not Tina’s personal credit). Tina has used her Fundbox Credit™ to pay for vehicles and other expenses to grow her business.

At Fundbox, our mission is to help small business owners achieve new financial power. We’re proud to work with great businesses like RevEx

Listen to the full NPR story here:



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