Fundbox Keeps Photographer in Focus

Author: Anna Eschenburg | August 20, 2015

Picture this: A photographer on the edge of Grand View vista of the Colorado National Monument, standing behind her Phase One camera, one of the highest resolution cameras in the world, capturing the mounds of red rocks and towers of eroded sandstone. Carol M. Highsmith is photographing America during her lifetime and donating her images — copyright-free — to the Library of Congress. Her images of America are featured in the library’s top six photographic collections, showcased alongside Mathew Brady’s Civil War classics and iconic photographs such as Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother.”

She relies on Fundbox to keep her photography business operating. The funding for her excursions is paid via the Library of Congress, but she isn’t paid until she delivers the images. That means she is without funds at the beginning of each trip — a tricky proposition from a cash-flow standpoint. That’s where Fundbox comes in.

“When I need funds for my next trip, I go to Fundbox and clear an invoice easily within the dashboard – it works like a charm – and it only takes a minute or two,” Highsmith says.

“I don’t have to wait for the invoice to be paid, with Fundbox the money is in my bank account the next day. It is really like magic. There is no going to the bank, no waiting in line, no wondering if I have enough funds. I know where I stand at all times, and I’m in complete control. That is amazing. …. Everything about it works.”

Highsmith says she has had a relationship with the Library of Congress for more than 35 years and travels all over the country. Fundbox’s connection with Quickbooks is what told her she could trust it. “Everything about me is on Quickbooks,” which, she says, “is golden in the small business community, so the tie with Fundbox was a natural.”

Her conclusion: “It is the easiest business platform I have used in my entire professional life.”

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