Don’t Fumble Your Product Launch!

Author: Gina Hall | November 14, 2016

Your awesome business idea is ready to go live! But how do you ensure your product launch is a touchdown?

Startup entrepreneurs often struggle to get the word out on new products and services. Social media is a great tool to promote your brand, but you can quickly be drowned out by the noise if you don’t have a well-designed launch strategy.

Want to make sure your product launch is ready for primetime?

6 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

  1. Set a date

    Provide prospects and current clients with a definitive date when your product or service will be available, then stick to it. Think of it like locking in a wedding date—people will show up, they’ll expect an event and (hopefully) they’ll give you money.

  2. Strategize

    Tailor the launch to your needs. This will require you to ask some serious questions about your campaign. Where do your prospective clients hang out online? Are you going to have an email campaign? If so, how are you sourcing your email lists? Will you hold a mixer or a virtual Q&A? Have you set up your website to accept online payments?

  3. Connect

    Starting a company can be a lonely process, but others have been here before. Reach out to entrepreneurs and pick their brains on best practices. During this process, find partners who may have the same target audience and don’t offer a competing product. They may be willing to help promote your launch on their own social media channels.

  4. Delegate

    This is the stage of your startup where you should consider outsourcing specific tasks. Delegate website updates to an IT specialist or an internet-savvy intern. Hate writing SEO-friendly copy? There are people for that too. If you have the budget, farm out tasks in areas where you don’t have expertise. It will give you time to focus on your creative endeavors.

  5. Plan a follow-up

    After putting so much effort into the launch, you don’t want to forget to follow through. Be ready to answer questions about your product or service to show new customers you can quickly address concerns. This is the point where you can establish a bond of trust between you and the consumer.

    Your follow-up plan should also keep customers engaged so that they continue to spend money with your company. Providing add-ons is a great way to offer customers solutions that go beyond your basic service.

  6. Set realistic goals

    Unless you have a large queue of pre-orders, make sure to manage post-launch expectations. The road toward profitability can be a long one, so if you’re a new entrepreneur, get ready to tighten your belt. There may be the point where you question your resolve, but if you stay productive and focused, you have a better shot at growing your company and hitting your target revenue.

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