Does Your Company Have Customer Service That Really Stands Out?

Author: TSheets | October 13, 2015

Your company is humming along, knocking out goals and taking names. Your employees are engaged and productive. The product or service you offer has been fine-tuned and is making waves. But as you look toward the next phase of business growth, are you considering the one key that could take your numbers to the next level?

Think customer service.

Maybe you’ve skimmed through a few business articles, covering the basics of how to build a solid customer service platform, and why this is important. After all, without a first-rate support team, your customers won’t be sticking around for the after party. The question that all great business owners ask themselves (and the one you should be asking now) isn’t “How do we take our customer support to the next level?” It’s “How do we completely blow away our customer base with the best support out there?”

We’ve compiled a list of our top suggestions for ramping up your customer service. Without further ado, here they are!

1. Make it easy to reach out. Having multiple ways customers can reach out to you is not only a great way to reach more customers faster, but each option will uniquely suit different companies and business owners. At TSheets, we offer personal phone calls with our support team specialists, as well as live chat and email. Providing different avenues communicates to your customer that you want to serve them in every way possible, and you are taking the necessary steps to make communication with you work for their schedule and preferences. Take this idea to the next level with expedited follow-up for each email or voicemail.

2. Make it personal. Give your customer experience team permission to get to know your customers — (their customers too!). Encourage your employees to take a few notes on key personal details about each customer they communicate with. When a second call or return visit to a chat room feels like picking up where they left of, customers feel valued! Displaying basic courtesies like remembering their name or that their child had a soccer game last week will engage your customer on a whole new level. This will build trust and rapport, turning satisfied customers into brand advocates.

“ There are actual people on the other end of those chat boxes! Sarah answered my questions immediately and was super helpful! ”

TSheets Customer Review from GB

3. Make it fun. We live in the digital age, with emails, Skype meetings, and apps for everything. But everyone still likes to receive a little something in the mail! Think beyond the digital realm and send out a fun gift basket, or a handwritten thank you card to extend a little hospitality and good manners. Give your employees permission to do this as they feel it’s needed, and they will take ownership of their customers and the relationship that they build with each one. This creates a culture of team and customer engagement, and one that both employees and customers will want to be a part of.

With the speed and anonymity of the digital age, offering a higher, more personal level of customer satisfaction will win your company the game. Good customer support is often overlooked because it does require that extra time that no one seems to have. But it’s always possible to make time for the things that are most important, and this item should top your list.

When you realize that your customer’s happiness is the single most important factor in your business’s success, creating a top-notch support experience will shift from a nice bonus to a non-negotiable aspect of your business. And when your customers know that they will be able to reach you in a timely manner — and enjoy the experience — they will come back again and again. Isn’t it about time to put first things first?

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