[Guide] How Construction Companies Can Overcome Delayed Payments

Author: Fundbox Team | December 2, 2016

While the average SMB is waiting on $84,000 worth of unpaid invoices, construction companies are faced with a much larger number: $110,348.

To help businesses in the construction industry manage delayed payments and hopefully prevent them in the long run, we created the cash flow industry guide below.

What’s Inside?

  • What Delayed Payments Mean for Construction Companies
    • When limited cash flow makes it harder to pay bills, repair equipment, and pursue new opportunities
  • How to Prevent Late Payments—or at Least Accelerate Them
    • The benefits of ditching the accounting jargon and why you should consider offering discounts for early payments
  • How to Overcome Late Payments and Strengthen Cash Flow
    • Seasonality and creative ways to stretch cash flow

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