How To Build Your Brand in the Blogosphere

Author: Gina Hall | April 23, 2015

Your small business could get a big boost from the right blogger. A post about your company on a popular site can increase your visibility online, give your brand credibility and drive business to your website.

So how do you get a top blogger to notice you?

Find the Right Blogger
Bloggers generate content on a daily basis and we’ll let you in on a secret: Bloggers love it when a great story pops up in their email boxes. Do your research and cherry-pick the top 10 bloggers who write about ideas related to your business. Don’t send a query to any writer who has never written about your industry. While your wearable tech startup may be awesome, there’s not much an auto blogger is going to be able to do with your pitch.

Pitch a Story, Not the Company
Are you gearing up for a product launch? Did you overcome outrageous odds to get your business off the ground? These are the kinds of pitches that attract attention. For a blogger to cover your news, there has to be, well, news. Bloggers don’t want to write an advertisement, they want to write a narrative. Put one in their laps and they’re more likely to respond to your email. Speaking of email, try to get something enticing or newsworthy into your subject line, as it will increase the likelihood of your email being opened. Just don’t try anything gimmicky or misleading.

Perfect the Art of the Press Release
If you have a major event or launch approaching, craft a solid press release. Having a public relations professional write your release is recommended, but if you have solid writing skills, you can write one up all by yourself. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t bog down a busy blogger with too many details. Tell them what’s exciting about your business. If they’re interested, they’ll ask for more information.

Offer a Sample of Your Product or a Cool Experience (But NOT Cash)
Does your small business offer an awesome product or can you provide an interesting interview or behind-the-scenes tour? Or can you supply any interesting research that would make for a great headline?

Give a blogger an opportunity to experience your business or product firsthand. But, please, don’t offer up cash for a story. While bloggers aren’t technically journalists, and while most aren’t independently wealthy, they will be insulted if you offer money for placement on their blog and you can come off looking like an amateur.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response right away. Popular bloggers can get hundreds of emails in a day. If you don’t hear back from a blogger in a reasonable amount of time, ping them to ask if they received the initial request. If you have a phone number, don’t be afraid to call. However, if you don’t get a response after a couple of attempts, you may have to either accept that the writer isn’t interested or you might want to try to get a referral.

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