Boost B2B Sales by Turning Your Website into a Salesperson

Author: Rieva Lesonsky | September 29, 2016

Does this sound familiar? You’re struggling to make more B2B sales at your business, but you don’t yet have the cash flow to support hiring additional salespeople. Short of taking out a business loan to bring on new staff, what can you do? If you have a business website, try transforming it into a substitute salesperson.  If you don’t, it’s important to learn how to start a blog. Here are 6 ways you can use your website to take over some of the B2B sales functions that a real salesperson typically handles.

  1. Easy Reorders

    Enable existing customers to place reorders on your website without involving a salesperson. By creating customer accounts that they can log into and that record prior purchases, you can allow customers to view their past orders and place reorders. There are several ways to do this, from suggesting items customers may want to reorder when they log in to sending reminders when it’s time to reorder a product.

  2. Use Refill Options to Increase Repeat B2B Sales

    Take a page from Amazon. If customers order consumable supplies, set up an option for them to get automatic refills/recurring deliveries. Customers will appreciate that they don’t have to remember to reorder or risk running out of important supplies. You can encourage more of this type of purchasing by offering a discount when customers choose the automatic refill option.

  3. Enable Quick Orders

    If a customer visits your website just to look at one product, enabling “quick view” or “one-click orders” can lead to more frequent purchasing. Essentially, the fewer clicks a customer has to make to buy something, the better.

  4. Upsell It

    Including cross-sell and upsell functionality can really boost your website B2B sales. When a customer views information about a product or service, or places something in the online shopping cart, your website can suggest related or complementary products or services, higher-quality versions of the same product or service, or different price packages to increase the order value.

  5. Use Tiered Pricing

    Encourage customers to purchase more of a product or contract for longer-term services by using tiered pricing—essentially, discounts based on volume. When a customer views a product or service or puts it in the shopping cart, display information about volume discounts or discounts for choosing a longer-term contract. Displaying the amount of savings (“You’d save $104 annually by choosing Option B”) can help sway the customer to buy more.

  6. Automate Your Marketing

    Use your B2B website to encourage customers to sign up to receive marketing messages, such as your email newsletter or texts from your business. Once they’re in your CRM system, you can automate how frequently they receive communications from you. You can even tailor the messages so they’re personalized from your existing salespeople without your salespeople having to manually compose or send them.

None of these tactics will replace a salesperson, but taken together, they will greatly lighten the workload of your existing salespeople, enabling them to do more in less time. As you can see, it doesn’t take a stable of salespeople to boost your B2B sales—not if you’ve got a website that can handle part of the sales job.

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