Be a Better Business Owner Starting with A Line of Credit

Author: Tim Donovan | April 25, 2018

Being a successful freelancer means having the talent to sell your services independently, and also the curiosity and drive needed to learn the ins and outs of running a business. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this endeavor thanks to a newly launched program from our friends at Fiverr, called Elevate.

The goal of Elevate is to provide you with a comprehensive (and free!) database of helpful content around running your freelance business. Curious about whether you should incorporate? Looking for tips for managing your cash flow? How about those burning tax questions? The first batch of content released from Fiverr Elevate, a multi-part video series, has it all.

Here’s a preview of the tutorial we advised on, “How can I manage my cash flow better?,” with some quick takeaways:

One of the first things freelancers and independent business owners will notice is that when you’re running your own company, payments can be far less consistent than the twice-monthly paychecks you were used to at your full-time gig. In fact, managing cash flow can be difficult to navigate for business-owners of all experience levels: voice to pro. In this tutorial, you’ll learn why managing cash flow is so important and pick up strategies for improving how you deal with “the books” in the future.

Watch the fewer-than-five minute tutorial to learn:

  • Why managing cash flow is important, especially as your business grows

  • How invoice financing works and why it might make sense for your business

  • How to select a financing company and what you can expect

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