Are You an All-Star Small Business Owner?

Author: Justin Reynolds | July 14, 2015

Tonight, 66 of the most talented players in Major League Baseball will take the field at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati for this season’s All-Star Game. The Midsummer Classic marks (roughly) the halfway point of the baseball season (and more roughly, the halfway point of the year).

Since that’s the case, now’s a great time to reflect on your business and ask yourself a fun question: Am I an all-star small business owner?

If you don’t think you’d make the Small Business Owner All-Star Game if such an amazing event were ever held, consider the following five points so you’ll have a better chance of being the top vote-getter next summer:

1. Always have a game plan
The best starting pitchers in the game mow down batter after batter. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re pitching at home or on the road, or if it’s a day game or a night game. The reason they’re able to do this is quite simple: They thoroughly prepare before each start, and they have a solid game plan every time they step onto the mound.

Like their ball-playing counterparts, All-Star small business owners don’t fly by the seat of their pants. Rather, they have a clearly defined vision and work tirelessly toward achieving their goals.

2. Anticipate the flow of the game
Great baseball players always seem to be one step ahead of their opponents. It’s almost like they’ve developed a sixth sense of sorts, and they’re more in tune with the game.

In a similar fashion, great business owners understand their industries better than their competitors do. If you feel as though your company could be better positioned, the good news is that you have the power to anticipate the game better.

For example, if your financial records suggest you may encounter cash flow problems later this year, you should probably start taking steps right now to reduce the likelihood that prediction becomes a reality. To do that, you can use an invoice-clearing service like Fundbox. For a small fee, Fundbox advances payments on your unpaid invoices, giving your business access to the cash it needs to grow right away.

3. Help your teammates improve
During the All-Star Game, it’s not uncommon to see seasoned veterans chatting with fresher faces in the dugouts and bullpens. Though they’re opponents for 162 games, they’re teammates for one. And older, more experienced players feel obliged to offer their advice and insights to younger kids.

Chances are you have considerably more professional experience than at least some of your employees. As such, you should offer words of encouragement and guidance to your younger workers. Not only will it help them improve in the field (i.e., in the office), it’ll help develop stronger personal bonds between you and your staff.

4. Be ready to pinch hit
All-Star baseball players often deliver in the clutch—even if they’ve been given the day off and are called up to pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth inning with the game on the line.

Similarly, great small business owners are always ready to help their workers out when they’re in a jam. We’ve all heard about the sensibility of leading by example. By helping your employees when they need it the most, you’re increasing the chances they’ll offer their coworkers the same level of support.

5. Don’t swing at everything
The best hitters in the league don’t swing at every pitch. Instead, they’re patient at the plate, laying off most pitches that are outside the strike zone. When a pitcher throws four balls during an at bat, the batter is awarded first base on a walk—the same thing that happens when a player gets a base hit. The lesson here? Discernment pays off.

As a small business owner, you’ll be more successful if apply similar patience to your operations. Don’t be so quick to jump on any opportunity that walks through the door. Instead, do your due diligence and weigh your options carefully. That way, you can be sure that when you swing, so to speak, you’ll drive in runs.

Enjoy the game!

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