Introducing the All-New Fundbox Dashboard

Author: Yotam Troim | June 3, 2015


We’ve released an all-new dashboard. If you want to check it out, log in to your account now!

Since the very beginning, our goal has always been to offer business owners a better way to manage their cash flow. We made it our mission to make sure business owners can not only stay afloat but grow their business without making unnecessary long term commitments. We are also great believers in simplicity – the way we see it, there’s no reason a business owner should need to have extensive accounting knowledge to make ongoing decisions that just make sense. This has been true so far, and will continue to be in the future.

Over the past two years, we have talked to our customers and collected input on what works, what doesn’t and what features that are missing would make Fundbox even more helpful. In the past six months, we’ve been working on implementing your feedback, and now we’re ready to share it with you.

The Fundbox dashboard has been completely redesigned with a brand new layout and a cleaner look. We kept the existing features, added more functionality and made it even easier for you to use.

Here is what you can expect with the brand new Fundbox dashboard:

Mobile Ready
First and foremost, the new Fundbox dashboard is now fully optimized for mobile so you can clear invoices and stay up to date on-the-go. Anything you can do on the desktop, you can do on your mobile browser.


Easy to Use
We’ve fully optimized our dashboard layout to work better for all of our customers. Whether you issue five invoices a month or five hundred, it is now easier to find all the information you’re looking for. Here are some of the changes:

  • Invoices and Advances are now on two separate tabs. By separating these two, we’ve made it easier for you to find your invoices more quickly and see all of your outstanding advances to help you make better business decisions.


  • Upcoming payment information is now available right on the dashboard so you can tell what your next weekly payment will be. No surprises and no calculations on your side.


  • The new projected credit bar lets you see what clearing a new invoice will do to your Fundbox credit, so you’ll always know how much credit you have. With this new tool, you’ll know what invoices are better for you to clear and make smarter use of your Fundbox credit.
  • When looking for an invoice or an advance, you’ll now have additional sort functionally including by amount, customer, due date or invoice number.


  • The new clearing pane will show you all the associated fees and all details regarding the repayment schedule.
  • If you choose to repay early, this new pane will show you how much you will be saving, the total repayment amount and the date it will be debited from your bank account so you can better manage your finances.

Future Ready
Last but not least, our new dashboard is ready for all the features we’re working on and will start releasing shortly.

All of us here at Fundbox are very excited and can’t wait to hear what you think so check it out! Feel free to send us your feedback at

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