3 Ways an Advance on Invoices Can Win You New Clients

Author: Gina Hall | January 18, 2017

Winning over new clients is a challenge, but did you know getting an advance on invoices could help you nurture new relationships?

Your existing customer base is the reason you have a profitable enterprise, but your growth depends on how many new clients you can convince to use your product or services. You may struggle to keep in the black, but if you don’t snag that new business, your competitors will.

3 Ways an Advance on Invoices Can Win You New Clients

  1. Invest in marketing

    New customers can’t hire you if they don’t know how to find you. However, advertising comes with serious costs. Print ads, signage, flyers, newsletters, radio spots and internet banners all require a sizeable investment. Taking advantage of a marketing opportunity frequently requires you to act fast in order to snag a prime ad location or time slot.Email marketing campaigns are also an effective means of acquiring new clients, but prospect lists don’t come cheap. If you do your research and find a reputable consultant with leads in your target demographic, it could be worth the investment. Email marketing campaigns often work best if you can offer discounted or free products to try to win over new clients.

    Don’t have the cash on hand for an eye-catching marketing campaign? Use Fundbox to get an advance on your invoices that doesn’t require collateral from personal or business assets. . Creating a Fundbox account takes only a few minutes—just connect your accounting software. Approval often takes less than a day, and once approved, you can advance invoices and have cash available in your bank account as soon as the next day.

  2. Digital presence

    Has it been years since you upgraded your webpage? Are your social media accounts sitting dormant? For many potential customers, your digital presence is their first impression of you—don’t let it be their last.New customers are more likely to discover you if you rank high in a Google search, so make sure to optimize your digital assets with keywords and phrases. Invest in creating videos pertinent to your brand.

    An advance on your invoices could help you hire a web designer or social media manager to spruce up your online profile. By investing time and funds, you can boost traffic to your website and generate likes on your social media efforts.

  3. Customer service

    Taking on new clients means you will have to service them in addition to your existing customers. This may mean hiring new employees to supplement your delivery needs or handle customer service calls.Customer service can make or break your small business, which means you’ll have to meet additional payroll. Set up an account with Fundbox and get an advance on invoices to cover payroll or any other urgent bills. Because Fundbox advances the full value of your invoice and doesn’t interfere with customer relationships, they can cover expenses while you wait on payments to come in.

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