6 Timesaving Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Author: Alyssa Gregory | March 25, 2017

With 320 million monthly active users and ten years of history, there’s no denying that Twitter is a powerful social platform. There are many ways to use Twitter to connect with your customers, share your knowledge and experience, and even provide customer service through tweets. But do you use every available feature to its max? One underused Twitter feature that can save you time and streamline your social media activity is Twitter Lists.

Twitter Lists provide a way to compile Twitter users that you create and manage. You can make your lists public or private and use them for many different purposes.

6 Timesaving Ways to use Twitter Lists

  1. Watch Industry News

By adding your favorite news-related Twitter accounts to an industry news list, you can create a newsfeed of your favorite updates. This is a good list type to make public since there are likely to be other users who would follow an industry list you are curating for them (and a great way to build up your following too!).

  1. Follow the Influencers

Every industry has influencers and thought leaders who post highly relevant and useful content consistently. Create a streamlined list with these top accounts and you’ll have a steady stream of retweetable content.

  1. Track Your Competitors

Create a private list that your company can use to keep track of what your competition is doing on Twitter. As an added bonus, you don’t have to follow a Twitter account to add it to your list, so you can keep tabs on the competition without having to follow them.

  1. Stay Connected During Events

All types of real-time events use Twitter to connect people, from in-person conferences to Twitter chats. It can be confusing to know who’s who when the tweets start to pick up. If you are hosting an event, create a list of registered attendees that you can share with all eventgoers prior to the event to help them stay in touch. If you are an attendee, track the use of the event’s hashtag and create your own list for networking and follow up.

  1. Connect with Your Community

Do you network and collaborate with local businesses in town? Create a running list of local Twitter accounts so you have an easy way to keep up with each other’s news. This is also a good way to quickly find local Tweets to retweet to your network.

  1. Compile Your Favorites

One of the best ways to use Twitter Lists is to compile people who you talk to most often on Twitter. As we all know, there can be a lot of noise out there, and the more people you are following, the louder it gets. Creating a “favorites” list can help you keep the conversation going, regardless how busy your Twitter stream is.

Once you start curating your lists, you may be surprised how many ways you can use lists. To get started, explore this Twitter List guide from SproutSocial.

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