3 Tips to Close More Deals

Author: Justin Reynolds | February 12, 2016

It’s impossible to know where you’ll find your next customer.

You could land a client through active sales prospecting. A piece of content you’ve created could go viral, and you could find new customers that way. If you don’t meet them at a conference, you might even bump into a new customer at the deli or bar.

Since that’s the case, it’s imperative that salespeople are always ready to lure in customers and close deals—no matter where they happen to be. And the great ones are.

There are many tricks great salespeople use to close more deals. Some folks are experts at the elevator pitch. Others choose to supplement their pitches with deals in writing. Still others might rely on the old-fashioned “just give it a try” approach.

While all these methods may work for some folks, no two salespeople are the same, so they may not work for everyone. But we’ve got you covered: To close more deals, salespeople would be wise to memorize the following three tactics:

  1. Know who your customers are. You’d have a pretty hard time selling a hungry vegetarian a hamburger outside of a vegan café. Successful salespeople need to know their customers inside and out, including their industry, where they’re located, who their biggest customers are, how big their firm is and so on. They also need to know their customers’ pain points. Armed with this information, great salespeople are able to craft their pitches precisely to their prospective clients’ situation. As a result, these folks relate more easily to what’s being said. Remember, you only have a few minutes to make a connection, so be as relevant and direct as possible.
  1. Stop talking too much and listen instead. Since every customer is different, it then follows that their needs are not precisely the same. So how are great salespeople able to generate tons of interest in the same products across diverse demographics? It’s simple: Instead of talking all the time, great salespeople understand the importance of listening. They ask questions and tailor their pitches in such a way that caters to the prospective client’s answers. To close more deals, try asking as many strong questions as possible as you interact with would-be clients. At the very least, it’ll show your potential customers how interested you are in their problems, ideas and concerns.
  1. Be persistent and follow up when sensible. Let’s say you’re in the market for a new computer. Chances are you don’t head to the nearest electronics store and fork over the big bucks on the first machine you see. Instead, you take time. You research your options a couple times, and you sleep on it. Similarly, business deals—particularly those that involve lots of money—aren’t usually closed on the first day of negotiations. These things take time. To close more deals, you can’t be afraid of being persistent. It’s true that you don’t want to pester your prospective clients, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to follow up with them every couple of weeks. You know how the business world can get: Priorities can fall to the wayside as newer ones materialize. Never forget that your client could have simply forgotten to get back to you. Just try to be as polite as possible during every interaction.

Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a blueprint that salespeople can follow to ensure their numbers will continue to improve. The good news is that to close more deals, sometimes all you need is a little common sense. By getting to know potential customers, asking questions and listening to their responses and following up appropriately, you’ll have new customers in no time.

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