10+ Ways to Get More Content from Every Webinar

Author: Caron Beesley | June 9, 2015

Webinars have been around since the 90s and has become a staple in many business marketing toolkits. But, let’s face it; webinars take a lot of time and effort to produce. You need the right software, a great speaker, someone to produce the content, someone else to market the content, and fingers crossed for great attendance. Then you repeat the process next month.

That being said webinars are still a valuable asset for any business and have the potential for generating ROI for the long-haul. The thing is, we all consume content differently – some audiences prefer blogs, others video. So shake-up your pre- and post-event content marketing strategy and reach more people with these 10+ ways to get more content out of every webinar:

Create Content to Promote the Webinar
Every webinar starts with a registration page and an email campaign, perhaps there’s also a social element. But don’t stop there. Look for other avenues to promote the event. Put out a promotional press release, explaining the key takeaways of the event. Schedule a series of blog posts, here are some possible angles:

  • What particular customer challenges does the webinar address? Write about them, then encourage folks to sign up to see how they can solve them.
  • Ask your speaker to write a guest post with his/her views on the topic and why a whole webinar is being dedicated to it.
  • Are there any market trends that tie-in with the topic? Talk about them then pitch the event.

Other possibilities include creating a short video of the speaker talking about what viewers can expect from the webinar (3-5 takeaways). Put it on YouTube, on your blog and on your other social channels.

Get More Content out of the Live Event
Before the webinar goes live, enable the chat function, add a survey, and set-up a concurrent Twitter feed so that you can get real-time feedback and questions from your audience. Then use this data to create more content. Here are just a few topic ideas that you can glean from the event:

  • What questions came up, what were the answers?
  • What did the poll results tell you about your audience and the topic?

Of course, don’t forget to link to the on-demand webinar from each of these posts.

Other content ideas include starting a LinkedIn discussion based on the poll results. “Here’s what we found, do you agree?” You could also create an Infographic from the poll results and publish it online and on social media.

Become a Post-Event Content Maven!
There are infinite possibilities for creating great content once the event is over. The good thing is a lot of it builds upon other stuff you’ve already created or have captured. For example:

  • Post the on-demand version on your website. Promote it alongside your other content. Email attendees and non-attendees with a link to it.
  • Break the webinar up into digestible sound bites. Scan the recording and pick out key quotes or slides that explain key concepts or solve pain points. Create short videos of these and post them to social media. This is a great way to get people interested in viewing the entire on-demand webinar.
  • Write a blog about key event takeaways. Include images, quotes from the speaker, and any infographics you’ve managed to create.
  • Conduct a Q&A with the speaker and have them expand upon some of the things they talked about or the questions received. Or, ask them to weigh in on a related topic. This can be done in multiple formats – as a video, blog, or both.
  • Post the presentation to SlideShare
  • Cheat Sheets or 101s – Create useful one pagers so that customers understand what your solution can do for them, in a nutshell.
  • Whitepapers or ebooks – Webinar transcripts provide a surprisingly useful resource for writing these.

Go for it!

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