10 Delivery Apps to Save You Time

Author: Gina Hall | August 24, 2015

Time is money, right? And you wouldn’t just throw money away, so why treat your time any differently? Of all the modern conveniences that technology has provided us, none is so valuable as the time (read: money) it affords if used efficiently. Just as the yolk made plowing faster (not to mention easier), and the flint-and-steel made fire starting a less time-consuming process, apps have been created to do chores that once took precious time that could’ve been spent in more productive ways.

Is your business spending its time currency wisely? Think about the menial tasks that fall outside the scope of your business and consider whether they could be done by someone other than you or your workforce. Here are a few ideas aimed at freeing you up to get more important work done.

They have not yet invented a technology that can replace lunch, but there are now ways to avoid the hassle of going out to get food. Apps like UberEats, CaviarGrubHub and Eat24 bring the restaurant to your office while Thistle, Spoonrocket, and Sprig do their own cooking. Either way, your team can stay at the office rather than navigate the lunch crowds.

Are you still sending your assistant out with your dry cleaning? Isn’t there something else — anything else — that person can be doing at the office? Maybe something work-related? Or maybe you’re handling that chore yourself on the way to or from work. That time, during rush hour, is too precious to spend on a task that is easily delegated to someone who specializes in such work. Washio will pick up and bring back your clothes at reasonable rates and even bring you a brownie.

Gift Buying
E-commerce changed the gift-buying landscape. The Internet allowed us to shop online and have a present wrapped and delivered without leaving the office. But what about a great gift box at a reasonable price?

Sesame is a startup that promises a great gift set for any occasion. The company offers more than 75 themed boxes, ranging from a picnic pack to great picks for expectant moms. The best part is that you can order directly from the Sesame Gift app and have a unique present delivered with just a few clicks.

Ever wait in the checkout line after work? Maybe it’s just a half a gallon of milk. The line backs up to the butcher, and some of those people are doing their weekly shopping. The 10-items-or-less line is now the 15-items-or-less line, which means customers are now buying about 25 items.

Just because you have clocked out for the evening doesn’t mean your time stops being precious. Recovery is a necessary part of the job. And if you’re stopping in on the way to work, just plan on being late. Most grocery stores now have their own delivery apps, you can try Amazon Fresh and there’s also Instacart, which picks up from your local Costco or Whole Foods (depending on your tastes).

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